Superb Succulents

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A future volume on other areas of southwest deserts will depend on popularity and acceptance of this publication. It is hopeful that this will come to fruition as there are sites in Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas that are unbelievably beautiful and certainly worthy of publication. An additional volume is planned that will be on this same theme, but will be dedicated to flora, fauna, and habitats on the African continent.

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8½ × 11” (22 × 28 cm) format with 867 full-color photographs, 384 pages printed on quality 150 GSM, Lumi Silk Art paper, hard cover book, based on a lifetime of peregrinations to the southwest deserts of the USA. This volume is specific to CA & NV, covering flora, fauna, and spectacular natural beauty.

The intent of Southwest Deserts is to provide readers with images and text of what our beautiful deserts really have to offer. I have met a nimiety of people who believe our deserts to be desolate wastelands without life, as most that travel though them never leave their vehicles to explore, and certainly don’t seek out the better sites to take in the awesome beauty.

My interests in these vast areas of intrigue began with an fascination with minerals, which through several encounters with a wide array of reptiles, led me into dabbling in herpetology, with succulent plants following, and eventually I was hooked on the entire gamut of flora, fauna, and terrain.

Peruse the pages herein to witness some of the most awesome plants, animals, and scenery one could imagine. The colors, forms, and variations are truly breathtaking.

Work on Superb Succulents (the book), and Echinocereus (the book) inspired me to continue with work on a companion book to Superb Succulents, but rather than focus on plants staged for shows, this one focuses on flora and fauna in habitat and especially on the habitats themselves. 

Southwest Deserts

California & Nevada

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Southwest Deserts